Martin Auer: the newest Cluster member

The range of sectors represented in the Styrian Service Cluster is getting more and more diverse. We recently had the honour of welcoming a renowned Graz baking institution to our ranks. MARTIN AUER GmbH is a third-generation family business that produces and distributes baked goods in their own branches within Austria.

Bread has been being baked in the original bakery on Graz’s Dietrichsteinplatz since 1347. This deep heritage means they have a wealth of knowledge and expertise but first and foremost, MARTIN AUER strives to do things just that little bit better in the future. Advancement and innovation are right at the top of the agenda.
“In the Styrian Service Cluster we have found ourselves in an open discourse with companies from diverse sectors – although most of them operate B2B. This makes the discourse incredibly valuable for us as a B2C company as it gives us a revealing insight from a completely different perspective. When it comes to service, it’s ultimately all about direct points of contact – in contrast to products and branding. Out of all the core activities within a business, it’s not surprising that service is the most sensitive and emotional area. We live in a psychological world and not a logical one,” says Martin Auer on their entry into the Styrian Service Cluster.

We are very much looking forward to working with this dynamic company and the entire team in the cluster wishes them a warm welcome.

Martin Auer / moodley brand identity