Service 4.0

In the age of Industry 4.0, machines are controlled decentrally and are connected to the semantic system via the internet. The result is people and machines working in synergy. Machines will flexibly adjust to the tempo of the person, they will complement the person in their activities and will communicate accordingly both with the person and with each other. Products will search for the appropriate machines, the entirety of production will efficiently adjust to the actual demands of the sales market, even to individual series. From the service point of view, Industry 4.0 will have a fundamental impact on the prevalent business models.

Derived from our Styrian Service Cluster Strategy, Service 4.0™ takes developments from Industry 4.0 and adds digital and physical services in a clever way. Flexible services are supported by innovative tools. Through real-time access to raw data, which is then filtered, analysed and evaluated, the available services can be properly selected, networked with each other and used efficiently. The results flow into a continual improvement process for services and products.