About us

In the Styrian Service Cluster, an independent non-profit organization, we constantly strive to be one step ahead.

As a result of shared interests and with the aim of keeping up with the rapid development in the international service field, our group of renowned Styrian companies has been focussing on continually developing our services for a number of years. An interest group that emerged from talks in 2008 later became the Styrian Service Cluster association in 2013. The 25 Styrian member companies from a wide range of sectors are represented by a Managing Board made up of four members, who approve the group’s articles of association.

Our primary objective is to create a strategically valuable platform for companies with related service goals. The Styrian Service Cluster strives to promote an exchange of knowledge pertaining to service-related topics as well as sharing best practice experiences. We work together on projects that give life to innovative service solutions. Doing so enables us to meet market demands and to build upon the partnerships with our customers.



Our mission is to create a platform for companies operating at an international level who have related service goals. Our cluster serves as a place to exchange ideas and best-practice experiences at regular meetings, for like-minded companies to gain new insights in international service and to initiate innovations.



We promote excellence in service with a global emphasis by facilitating the exchange of experiences and further inter-company development. We demonstrate how attractive service can be for dedicated, highly qualified employees.



  • Exchanging experiences with like-minded Styrian companies
  • Discussing and evaluating new ideas and findings
  • Boosting the quality of service offered by Styrian companies
  • Recognizing and making use of synergies
  • Cooperation
  • Making the tasks involved in service more attractive



Managing Board

Manfred Fuchs


Our service for your success

Jens Poggenburg

Vice Chairman

Your engagement matters!

Kajetan Bergles

Press officer

Service is...Business2people

Karl Eickhoff


The key to differentiation lies in the service orientation!