Welcome Energie Steiermark

With the start of the new year, we were privileged to welcome our new member company, Energie Steiermark.

Energie Steiermark is evolving from a utility to a service provider and offers customers diverse services throughout the entire customer life cycle. Achieving customer satisfaction with services of the highest level is a clear mission for Energie Steiermark. For Energie Steiermark, intelligent service solutions and targeted digital support applications form the basis of improved results from the point of view of both the customers and the company.

“This approach to service ties in perfectly with the philosophy of the Styrian Service Cluster, which is why we are delighted to count this long-standing company as one of our members,” explains Eva Karner, Cluster Administration, on the latest addition to the association. Thomas Russ, Sales Manager B2C for Energie Steiermark and chief spokesperson regarding the Cluster, is looking forward to the collaboration. “We will no doubt benefit a great deal from exchanging ideas with the other members of the Cluster as well as contribute our own input as a B2C service provider to the yet B2B-dominated Cluster.”

Find out more at https://www.e-steiermark.com