Welcome Spalt Elektromechanik und -maschinenbau GmbH!

It is our pleasure to welcome Spalt Elektromechanik und -maschinenbau GmbH to the Styrian Service Cluster as the 21st member company. The company is your port of call for reliable and fast service in repairing electric motors, generators and pumps. Customer satisfaction has been a matter of course for the family business for 30 years. Quick, flexible response times and handmade high-quality work are by no means contradictory for the Spalt company, but are part of a company philosophy they live and breathe every day. “This approach to service ties in perfectly with the philosophy of the Styrian Service Cluster, which is why we are delighted to count this dynamic family business as one of our members,” explains Jens Poggenburg, the Cluster’s vice chairman, on the latest addition to the association. Thomas Spalt, Commercial Manager of Spalt Elektromechanik und –maschinenbau GmbH, is excited about the company’s membership, “we can benefit from the experiences of our fellow members as well as contributing much of our own input to further increase service quality.”

Find out more at www.spalt.at